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The Dahlias Keep on Going…

I love that Autumn has begun and the dandy dahlias keep on going.  A quick spin through Calico Gardens on Vashon Island with our visiting friend Cara, where I captured these divine blooms.  Happy Flower Friday everyone!



Ted’s Tip No. 78

Take time each day for yourself–be it a walk, a prayer, meditation, a stretch, reading, writing–to be with your own thoughts.  It is a little gift that you give to you.  



Jackie Clark Mancuso Original Works at WK

Just in, original works by artist Jackie Clark Mancuso which are headed to the framer and will be up on the walls and offered soon.  Author of Paris-Chien and Hudson in Provence, two books we adore at Watson Kennedy.  I have long been a fan of her work, and was tickled awhile back when I saw she posted a fab drawing of Bailey on Instagram.  I contacted her in thanks, the conversation continued and I asked her if we could show some of her work.  So along with the above pieces, we will also be offering original pet portraits from Jackie, as well.  More on that later. Look for another post soon.  Over the moon to add her artwork to our walls, if only temporarily, until they find permanent homes.  



Watson Kennedy Classics 

We flew back from Milwaukee last eve.  The time in the air is when I often edit photos I have shot for the shops and the blog.  This round was collecting images that are true Watson Kennedy ‘classics’ which was fun to pick & chose from over the last few years.  Goods that have stood the test of time.  Something we try to never be without, but that sometimes happens as the item is so popular. From a simple clear glass to an oversized tealight to French wooden spoons to an every day salt–WK Classics.



Pumpkins Aplenty, Autumn in the Midwest

We have been in the Milwaukee area this week-end celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday.  A country drive yesterday put us in this scrumptious area where I snapped these shots.  An impeccable farm with pumpkins galore.

The Midwest sky changing by the minute and within no time there was a loud crack of thunder (which sends Bailey immediately into shaking mode, poor bug, breaks our heart) and the rains began.  A little while later is was clear again.  We were able to sit outside for more of a visit, and within the next hour the rains & thunder were back.  All a reminder of my childhood and the intensity of that heavy rain, which I always loved.  We head back to Seattle this eve.  What a wonderful fete to ring in her next decade.



The Zen of Polishing Silver 

What is it about polishing silver that is so therapeutic? Getting lost in the moment and your mind wanders, the sensation and motion creating a sense of calm–of making something tarnished come alive, all shiny, like new. While I quite like the look of a beautiful old piece of tarnished silver and the story of the life it has lived, polishing it up, the zen of that process, is really quite something.  



A Saturday Thought



Scented Geranium Leaves

The leaves on scented geranium deserve a Flower Friday shout-out for their extraordinary beauty. Often, the stems & leaves of flowers and plants can equal or surpass the prettiness of the bloom.  That is certainly the case here.  Whether a single stem or a big bunch massed together, they bring so much joy.



A New Season Begins

And just like clockwork, the towering horse chestnut trees across the street begin dropping their little gems signaling a change of season is in the air.  I love this natural tradition.  Even if I did not have a calendar in front of me, we would know exactly what time of year it was.  Each year collecting a large handful to enjoy in a silver bowl, with various small bowls around the living room as a reminder of years past.  

Wherever you might be around the world as your season changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot, or just mild to mild, I wish you all a grand day. 



Hendrick’s & Lillet Blanc with a Twist of Orange

Our friend’s Lisa & Michael took me to dinner last month when I made a quick solo trip to NYC for a buying trip.  Lisa and I share a love of fried chicken, so they took me to a Marcus Samuelsson eatery in Harlem where that is top of the list.  A version of this drink was what we had with our meal.  They served it somewhat martini style.  This is my spin on it.  We served them last week-end at WestWard to happy reviews.  It is the Wine Wednesday libation of the week as Lillet is a French wine that is best known as an aperitif.

I served this on the rocks which made it a little less formal than presenting it as a martini plus I always like my drinks quite cold as ice is one of my very favorite things.  Use 2/3 Lillet Blanc, a 1/3 Hendrick’s gin, and a good sized slice of orange as the twist. Take another slice of orange and juice it over the glass so the orange juice mixes in with the wine and gin.  Stir. Serve.  That easy, that yummy. Enjoy!