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Design Books As Gifts

We have a section at both shops of design books.  It is an area where I see folks go to and become gleeful with ideas as they leaf through page after page of inspiration. Almost seeming to get lost amongst the pages.  That is why design books make great gifts. They become almost like giving a little mini-trip. Where the recepient is given a host of rooms/places to dream.  A bit like giving a piece of functional art, as the book itself looks great out on a coffee or sidetable or on a stylish bookshelf.



Ted’s Tip No. 84

For a super easy hit of Holiday spirit, simply take whole cloves and press them into the skin and dot them around an orange.  The scent of the clove oil mixing with the oils & juices of the citrus is heavenly. Make a few or many.  They look swell clustered in a bowl or give as little gifts.



A Tabletop Tableau 

I missed Flower Friday last week with all that has been grooving & shaking at the shops, so thought we could start our week off with a bloom.  Tulips have started showing up already at the grocery store, and I could not be happier.  This single stem doing a little dance to check out the silver bowl of vintage mercury glass ornaments.  They have made happy mates on the dining table for the week.  



An End of November Thought…



My Favorite Things Today

Today is a big day for small retailers as Shop Small takes center stage in our communities.  I do hope you can get out and about in your town or city to shop & eat small today.  Of course you know I feel this way and I have said it often before, but small businesses add so much variety/creativity/love to the community in which they grace–they are fueled by the passions of individuals and families.  So if shopping is on your agenda today, shop small.  I promise you, it will be greatly appreciated and make you happy, happy, happy.  

Just a reminder, we have our Holiday Open House today at our shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, in the Pike Place Market.  Would love to see you there!  As a little blog reader bonus, if you see me and tell me you follow along on the daily posts, I will have a ‘merci’ treat for you.  Now on to my latest favorite things…



WK Fine Living Holiday Open House

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, at our Watson Kennedy Fine Living shop in the Pike Place Market, for our Holiday Open House.  From 10 to 6.  Gruet & grapefruit mimosas and sparkling cider along with Louis Sherry truffles will be served.  We will be busy wrapping up gifts galore.  To give, or receive.  It is always such a fun, festive day. I so hope you can join us if you are in the area.  For those of you readers from afar, feel free to click away 24/7 at for close to a thousand of the goods we offer.  



A Thanksgiving Gratitude Thought

Wishing you all the very best day!  May it be filled with thanks & gratitude for all we are so fortunate to have in our life.  



Watson Kennedy Fine Living Turns 18 Today!

And what a glorious 18 years it has been!  The shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, where the Watson Kennedy retail journey began, celebrates its birthday today.  I catch myself saying more often how “time flies” and that once again is quite applicable.  Even after all those years, I still pinch myself a bit when I slip my key into the door, thinking how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have a shop in the iconic Pike Place Market in that incredibly special spot in the courtyard.  I thank all of you who have been such loyal supporters over the years.  You are what make this whole journey so deeply meaningful.  Cheers to you and cheers to 18 more years!!!



Ted’s Tip No. 83

If you are setting a table this Thanksgiving, or really anytime, keep in mind flowers don’t have to be just for the center of the table.  You can scatter blooms about, in addition to a stunning grouping in the middle.  Or create little arrangements and have them at each setting or dotted around the table.  Bottom line, getting a little creative with your flowers, however simple or grand, will bring huge visual enjoyment to your guests.  And you.



Damn The Weather

This is a Wine & Dine Wednesday post on a Monday. It has been in my line-up and I really wanted to write about it today.  Did not think you would mind. Full disclosure, Damn The Weather is a restaurant & bar owned by the husband of a WK family member, Lisa. That aside, I would have still written about it as sooooo many people have told us how fab it is and how much they enjoyed it.  And they were right!  Plus you know I only write about spots we adore, and this is now added to that list.  We had a date night a few Sundays back and finally got to give it a go.  A misty eve where the name of the place was completely apropos.  Located in the historic Pioneer Square area, the space feels like you have entered into another time.  A feeling that Pioneer Square evokes in spades, which you know I quite like.  Drinks play a big role here, so if you are open to trying a new cocktail, you will be filled with glee.  Mister Sive tried a cocktail he had not had before (so sorry I forgot to write the name of it down) and he smiling throughout the meal.  Oh my stars, the meal.  So good.  We shared everything and relished every single bite.  Here is what we had.

A beet salad with whipped feta, seasonal greens, pistachios and tarragon.  Roasted cauliflower with lemon ricotta and caraway bread crumbs.  Chicken fat fries with fennel pollen and lemon.  Ok, I was sorry we split these, as we both could have polished off an order of these.  Braised short ribs with parsnip purée, chanterelles and truffle butter.  Along with a grassfed beef burger with Gruyere & portobellos on a seasame bun.  All stellar.  And I have to tell you, it was the best burgers either one of us had ever had. That is high praise coming from this Midwest boy who was raised in a house where hamburgers were given rock star status.  I can’t even tell you what we split for dessert, but it was also sublime.  We were so happy.  Is that what dining out is all about?  They are open during the week at 11 when they start serving lunch, staying open all the way through 2 in the morning so a cozy spot to grab a bite after a concert or play.  Week-ends they open at 4, again staying open late on Saturday and not quite as late on Sunday.  Just a gem for when you want an amazing cocktail and an equally amazing meal in a cool setting filled with nice folks working to make you happy.  Cheers to that!