A Refreshed Wall of Hugo Guinness Works

August 15, 2017

We are soon to depart to New York so Mister Sive was spiffing things up on Saturday when he was at the Home store. Our rotating wall of Hugo Guinness linoleum cut prints in vintage frames is a bit like a puzzle. When a customer buys a piece or pieces, the puzzle needs to be slightly re-worked. A bunch of works sold in the last few weeks so a bigger redo of the puzzle was in order. It always makes me supremely happy to see it all tightened up. Hugo’s work is near & dear to my heart, as we were one of the first retailers in the country to start showing his pieces, now many years back. His work is now collected and coveted around the globe, with each image memorable. We have a whole new batch in the works so when we get back from Hawthorne in September, off they will go to the framers and the puzzle will once again be re-worked.