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A Bit of Hawthorne 

This last week has been primarily about rest as the retail marathon really takes it out of us. Being at Hawthorne during this time is a new tradition for us, one we are embracing and quite liking. The snow and cold our favorite this time of year, and Santa did not disappoint in the least. It snowed again yesterday and tonight it is supposed to get down to -7 degrees.

Part of being a shopkeeper is your energy for the season is given to the shops and our awesome customers. By the end of the long day it leaves very little time/energy for one’s own celebrating of the season. This is by no means a complaint, just our reality, and I relish giving all my energy at the time to others. So the idea of us celebrating The Twelve Days of Christmas started really resonating with us a few years back. 

As I mentioned the other day, traditions are meant to become one’s own. We are not going by any guide book when it comes to this new tradition of celebrating, but rather being open to being fluid to how we embrace it. Time spent with family, friends, cooking, napping, reading, reflecting and giving thanks have all become part of the mix.

As is lighting tons of candles each evening. The green glassybaby working swell in the front sunporch windows. We had sent Bill 4 packs of small green lights to put on the tree but with the snow and Christmas, the postal service was delayed and they did not make it in time so he was resourceful and found 3 sets for the tree. 

The parcel we sent finally arrived and I added those too, so our sweet little tree has 700 green bulbs shining as a sort of Hawthorne beacon of light. We will start a fire on the back porch early today to get the room nice and toasty so we can be back there ringing in the New Year. I hope you are celebrating it this eve in whatever simple or grand fashion you like best. I want to thank you so much for following along and wish for all of you only good things in the upcoming year. Much, much love from the Hudson Valley, T2+B



A Saturday Thought



The Year in Flowers

This last Flower Friday of the year is a look back on the last twelve months of blooms. Whether a single stem or a large mass, the beauty of flowers for the soul is like air or water to me, as I know they are to many of you, necessary on many levels. Here are some of my favorites I think you might remember, and for certain know you will enjoy…



Ted’s Tip No. 129

An entryway table can be set with the scents of the season, using the singular elements in bowls and on platters for a visual ‘pop’ of color & scent for when your guests first arrive.



WK Annual HOLIDAY Sale 

If you are in downtown Seattle the next two weeks, stop in either shop for our Annual HOLIDAY Sale. 50% off the above goods, many Holiday related, but I like to add a few other categories to spice it up a bit. This year all design & cook books are also part of the sale. Plus, don’t forget to check out our sale jewelry case as well as the sale refrigerator. Both of those are constantly added to throughout the year. We were at a party awhile back and a guest started telling us that the sale fridge was the best-kept secret in town for little treasures. TPS & I were cracking up because it is not meant to be a secret! 



New Traditions

We finished celebrating our 20th Holiday season at Watson Kennedy on Sunday eve. The above capture by a lovely customer in to do a bit of last minute gift shopping with her visiting mom from California. The minute Bailey heard the word ‘photo’ she was up off her blanket barking to be included in the shot. We hopped on a plane to New York early the next day, Christmas morning, to fly to New York and head to Hawthorne. We thought with the passing of the 20 year milestone a new tradition of coming to the Hudson Valley to celebrate The Twelve Days of Christmas might be a fun treat. That is the thing about traditions, we make them our own. Or should. So it will be our take on celebrating the Holidays. Up first, family arriving shortly for Boxing Day supper. We carried with us, packed on ice, a big salmon to make for the meal. We always love the idea of a bit of Pacific Northwest along with us at Hawthorne. Caretaker Bill set up a green lit tree for us so it was the first thing we saw when we pulled into the long driveway after a full day of travel. I hope you have been having the loveliest Holiday in the manner you like to celebrate it best. Cheers to traditions, old and new!



Merry Christmas!



A Sunday Thought 



Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

The Christmas shopping marathon finish line is in sight for all of us who partake–shoppers and shopkeepers alike. Both Watson Kennedy locations are open this morning at 10 where we will be wrapping away the day until 6. As always, our WK signature gift wrap is complimentary on purchases. Tomorrow, Sunday the 24th, both shops will be open from 10 to 5, for any last minute gift needs and stocking stuffers. Which leads me to the below. A melange of goods all ready to be wrapped up. Have a glorious week-end everyone, with whatever you are doing, wherever you are on the globe!



A Lily Flower Friday

I picked up a bunch of the most interesting color lilies at the little Pike Street & First Avenue corner flower shop the other day. Almost a pink translucent, like vellum. The scent heavenly, I dotted them about the rooms in single stem vases to spread the love around. Thought they had a lovely Flower Friday vibe to them as we head into the Holiday week-end.