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Mushroom Melange & Beecher’s Flagship Cheese Frittata 

A frittata is one of my favorite things to make and it is quite easy. You can fill it with just about any combo of things you like, and it works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I almost always serve it with a salad, even for breakfast. We had our niece Aisling visiting from Troy, New York out to the island this week-end along with her sister Haley, who lives in Seattle. I whipped up this version for a late breakfast before we headed back into the city on Monday. You can make these big or small, depending on your skillet size and how many eggs you use.

I like to get all the ingredients ready as this comes together quickly so you want the mushrooms sautéed and the cheese cubed or shredded before you begin cooking the eggs. Aisling picked up a beautiful bag of mixed wild mushrooms at the West Seattle Farmers Market that I cooked in butter, after cutting off the better part of the stem. Beecher’s is our neighbor in the Market and I adore their Flagship cheese, so I just cubed up a chunk for this.

Non-stick pan is key. Add a good sized knob of butter to the skillet and melt on low. While that is doing that, crack 8 eggs into a bowl, add a splash of whole milk, salt & pepper and whisk away. Add eggs to the buttered pan and keep on fairly low. Cook a bit and then scatter the mushrooms about and then add the small cheese cubes around the mushrooms. While this is cooking away turn on your oven broiler. You only want the eggs to cook enough so the bottom has started to set. The middle will still be quite undone. Once you can lift up the sides of the frittata a bit, it is now ready for the broiler. Here is where you must be diligent. Place the pan under the broiler and do not walk away or do another task. I even leave the oven door open a bit so I can watch it. I turn the skillet every now and then to make sure it is cooking evenly. It will puff up and get gloriously brown and the cheese will melt and it will be so good and you will be so proud of yourself because you will feel a tad chef-y. Insert smile. With a potholder carefully pull out of the oven. The handle will also be hot. It will deflate a little, but that is just part of the charm. Slice up, serve with toast or baguette. Enjoy, enjoy.



My Favorite Things Today

While the volume of new goods coming in is not as great in January as other times of the year, we are always getting new things in to freshen up displays and keep tantalizing the eye of all who come shopping for gifts and treats to give, or keep. Here are a few that have caught my attention, both new and tried & true. More and more arriving soon from the shows I am attending and all the orders we are working on daily…



Ted’s Tip No. 134

Sometimes cooking two of something is just as easy as cooking one. The second can become a second supper without much fuss or can be dinner for a neighbor who needs a little pick me up.



An Authentic Sunday Thought 



Flower Friday on Saturday 

Really wanted to get the sign-up for the upcoming Collage Workshop out yesterday, so it meant Flower Friday was set aside. But then I found the sweetest ruffly creamy tulips in the Market yesterday for a dinner we were hosting last eve. The buds are still pretty closed, but these will be stunners once they begin to open. The single stem on the right a bit ahead of the rest, so it was the main performer while the rest of the group hung tightly together watching while it took center stage.



Valentine Collage Workshop with Denise Fiedler at WK

Valentine Collage Workshop with Denise Fiedler of paste from San Francisco {Saturday, the 10th of February from 10 to 1}

Learn the basics of collage technique, where you will design and make valentines cards! Bring any photographs you may want to include.

Space is limited to the first 20 folks who sign up and pay by contacting Ted directly at 206.617.9678. We are so fortunate to have Denise fly up for this workshop.

Spots are coveted so if this is of interest, call right away to reserve your spot. Price is $95 which includes all supplies for the workshop.

It is also our Valentine Open House at the shops that day, so come for a glass of bubbly after the workshop.




Breakfast at Tartine Manufactory, Lunch at Zuni Café

By the time I boarded the plane yesterday late afternoon, I was quite full. As well as contented, happy, blissful and had a big smile on my face. The day started with breakfast at Tartine Manufactory with a friend, and lunch began with a big bowl of famous Zuni Café polenta with parmesan and a big dollop of marscapone studded with fresh cracked pepper. I actually did a bit of work in between those two meals, but when in San Francisco food almost always tops the list of memories of the trip. If/when you visit that fine city, put both on your dining list. The sensory experience of both eateries quite something and the food utterly divine.



A Day at The Fancy Food Show in SF

Oh what a treat to walk the aisles finding new edible treats for our shelves at Watson Kennedy. San Francisco is one of my all-time favorite cities, so that never hurts. The vibe & sophistication of the place near and dear to my heart. I tried my darndest to click-away a few images, but as you know, I get in the zone. This show I carried my phone in my hand most of the time which helped tremendously as it was a reminder to take more photos. Here is a bit of what I saw and what I bought at the show, coming our way soon to WK.



The Gift of Food

Must be since I am in San Francisco walking The Fancy Food Show that my mind is centered on food. My thoughts these past days have been on homecooked food and what a special gift that it makes. In our fast-paced often manner free world, giving and receiving something homemade can be one of the most thoughtful gifts. Yesterday when I was walking Bailey before I headed to the airport I ran into a gentleman from our building holding a lidded skillet that he was taking to a friend of his in the building across the street who was not feeling well. The gesture made my day like I am sure it did the lucky recipient. Never underestimate the powerful meaning of love/good manners/loveliness of the gift of soul enriching food.



Ted’s Tip No. 133

Take a stale crusty loaf of bread and make breadcrumbs. Cut up into cubes, place into a food processor, pulse, pulse, then add a little extra virgin olive oil, pulse again. Use a million different ways when done.