An Extra Night Out On The Island

February 26, 2020

Tuesday eve is not a typical night we spend out on the island so it felt extra special to enjoy an extra sleepover this week. We went into town to work, heading back after we closed up the shops. We stopped and picked up our niece Haley as she was joining us, as she and TPS were planting 150 willow stakes in front of the house on the slope early this morning. They did the same thing about 2 years ago and the willows have grown tremendously. They help stabilize the hillside in a big way, which is always a good thing for our hillside above the water that could potentially be prone to slide. I will post about all the willows and how pretty and effective they are another time. Above a new line of candles from France, Cire Trudon, that arrived yesterday at Watson Kennedy. I could not wait to get home to light it and enjoy the scent. We had dessert along with a fire enjoying the new scent wafting about. Tomorrow I will write about the addition of the new candles to our shop shelves. I am posting this from the ferry back into town this morning. My trusty iPhone always at the ready, be it from my favorite chair or the car seat with Bailey snoring away on my lap. Happy Wednesday all!