Stainless Steel Counters and Open Shelving

November 19, 2020

Stainless steel countertops and open shelving above them is a design idea we implemented both at our home in town as well as out on the island. Both incredibly practical and stylish, two things we love combining. The counters become work horses for rolling out dough or the working on the culinary task at hand. They are super easy to wipe down and clean. Over time, they take on a lovely worn patina that speaks of being well loved. It is funny, because we have guests that say there is no way they could have open shelving. I get it. They are not for everyone. We are pretty organized. We are also ruthless when it comes to editing. If something doesn’t work or we tire of it, we donate it. Having things at the ready and accessible to both the hands and the eyes while mid task makes cooking and setting the table so much easier. Plus we really like the way they look.