Snow Day

January 24, 2023

Ahhhhhhhh, snow! We have been at Hawthorne for almost a month with no snow. That is until Sunday eve. Then it snowed in a big way. Being inside the house is a bit like being in a snow globe. Heaven. Mister Sive donned his cross country skis first thing yesterday morning and was out & about in it. He heads right out the back porch and goes all along the property while I start a fire and get the house nice and cozy. One inside, one outside. Do what you love, our mantra. Some shots snapped yesterday that were not shot black & white but the snow was so intensely beautiful and white, the images seem as if they were. Something about snow in trees has a timeless quality to it.

Lastly, a French wine bottle drying rack from Watson Kennedy that we use like a bit of sculpture on the back picnic table that looks so fun covered in snow.