The Gift of Trees

June 14, 2023

We finish off our month long Hawthorne stay today. It was filled with rest & rejuvenation, family and friends. We head to Seattle ready for a super busy few months. Summer is always glorious in the Pacific Northwest. Feeling ever so grateful to call these places home. One big task this time that Mister Sive took on was the installation of lights that light up 12 trees surrounding the house. It is something we have been excited about for the last few years. He researched them pretty extensively and came up with this swell system that creates a bit of light magic at night as the sun goes down. The photos are much brighter than the actual, as in reality they are much more subdued and nuanced, but these give you the idea. I snapped these from inside the front sunporch. We are both major tree lovers, so seeing them lit at night when it is dark out adds another layer of enjoyment. It gives a depth of clarity and field out the windows in all the rooms of the house, where it had been a bit of a mass once the sun went down. The gift of trees, and all the beauty they possess. Natural works of art.