Display Day

July 27, 2023

There are many, many hats that I wear as a shopkeeper. Often there can be many changes of hats in a one day period. Which is one of the best parts, as there is never a boring moment. But there are days where I put on a single hat and leave it on for the entire day, a display day. I get ‘in the zone’ and I am able to fully concentrate and let all of my creative energy flow into the task of design of tabletops and shelves and any other space that calls out to me within the shop walls. The First & Spring location is 4000 square feet, with lots of nooks and crannies, so staying focused on only a few areas is key to completing things and feeling satisfied within a single day. I come home exhausted but thoroughly exhilarated. There was such a day last week. A bunch of things needed a refresh. Here are a few. Stacks and stacks & row after row of things with the goal being—wherever your eyes land, it is a visual feast.