The Start of a New Collection

October 10, 2023

Even doing what I do professionally, I still very much enjoy being a customer and going into a shop and finding something new, in this case old, and what a thrill that brings. I guess in some ways that is why I do what I do. The shopping process can be incredibly impactful. If done right and done well, it can leave a lasting impression. The goods purchased become part of your home. There is a specialness and meaning to that. Often we shop and are looking to add something to a collection we already have started. Or we are so moved by something that it will be an ‘only’ piece that stands on its own. This new collection of botanicals is a bit of both. Awhile back we bought the first botanical at the fabulous Creel & Gow in Millbrook. It lived on its own, moving from spot to spot at Hawthorne propped up on the back of a chair or on top of a stack of books. We enjoyed it visually so much that we thought we needed more. Ahhhhhh, the beauty of a collection. We had a spot in the kitchen we knew where they would be perfect. Three more were added to the collection this stay. The four might finish the collection. Or we might add to it as we live with this arrangement or it might stay just as it is and the collection will be complete. That is also part of the thrill of the hunt that shopping brings. You just never know. But for now, we are enjoying the heck out of them, just as they are.