Two Sunday Thoughts


20140907-080317.jpg Both of the above I saw on Instagram this week and was taken with them. The first because I had to read it a few times to fully get it, as that seems like such a basic thing to me, but as I get older I realize everyone does not always roll that way, which I find so sad. We should all derive so much happiness out of seeing those around us we love be happy & succeeding. We have actually lost a few friendships over the years because they could not find joy in our happiness. A life lesson indeed.

And the bottom quote/thought just a good motivator. I sometimes feel people get put in a certain box–such as, I am a retailer and she is an accountant. That might be one of the things we ‘do’ but that does not or should not be the only thing that defines us. We all can be, everything we want to be.

I hope they both spark a little Sunday thought for you.
From sunny Seattle.

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  1. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I appreciate the sentiment you shared about being happy in the success and happiness of others. Before I retired from the business world, I was always dismayed when I would encounter co-workers whose focus was making themselves look good by trying to make others look bad.

    When we can, we should support and assist others. When they succeed, everyone should rejoice and be excited. What’s the fun in being petty and jealous?

  2. Like Like Like Like! I just pinned the first quote on Pinterest.


  3. Barbara Stevens

    It is crazy to live any other way.

  4. I have always loved to see the people around doing well. Like you, for a long time I thought this was something everyone felt. A wise professor once pointed out to me that though I was able to do this (embracing the happiness of others), not everyone was wired this way. How much better this world would be if we could do more celebrating for others….we might all reach our true potential. Great post!

  5. Both thoughts are so very true!

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