Green Kermit Mums

20141003-042142.jpg These little green mums just spoke to me early yesterday morning while doing a shopping run. Nothing else looked remotely fresh or inspiring, but they just looked perky and full of peppy life. Mums can often get a bad wrap, but I find using them singly allows the uniqueness of the blooms to really shine. Plus they last forever. I sent a quick text to our friend Catherine who has a flower business to see what the name of this verdant variety of mum was, and she replied back, Kermit. How could you not love a bright green flower named after an adorable bright green frog? Just what the dining table needed for a little punch of color.


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  1. I have never seen mums such as these. They are wonderful! The texture looks almost to be like a succulent.

  2. Hi Ted: I forwarded your shots of the Mums (Kermit) to several people and now they are clamoring to know where they can get the seeds. Can you find out for all of us? They are smashing and powerful in single display.

    Love your shop and fantasize being there.


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