Hydrangea Leaves in a Pinch

20150523-075003.jpg I could not find a peony to save my soul. Actually not A peony, but 3, and if they were white, even better. We drove around to farm stands, flower shops and grocery stores. Not a single darn peony in sight. So, Mister Sive’s birthday dinner table would have to be awash in green, and the hydrangea leaves from the yard would have to do the trick.

20150523-075327.jpg When all else fails, get resourceful and creative.

20150523-075443.jpg Hydrangea leaves are just so beautiful in their own right.

20150523-075551.jpg Mixed about with all the other variety of green things on the table, they would fit right in.

20150523-075647.jpg Doing a line dance right down the middle of the table. The peonies were not missed one bit once the festivities began. Lesson learned–when the world hands you hydrangea leaves, use them.

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  1. I needed some flowers for the coffee hour table at church. I cut new magnolia leaves and inserted red roses in a glass vase with shiny pellets in the bottom.

    All available on the grounds of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, and in time for Memorial Day, together with our bell rung in memory of the fallen, including all wars, in our cemetery beginning with the War Between the States.

    Joanne Reiners
    Richmond, Va

  2. A May Birthday! Truely the best time of year to celebrate. Happy Birthday to Mister Sive!! Always such pleasure to set a table for special people in our lives. The green and white… A winning combination for a May celebration.
    All the best
    Sharon @ zoesfrontporch

  3. Lovely hues of green! You rocked Plan B. If you have a Trader Joe’s close by they often have bunches of peonies for several weeks before they are in bloom in gardens in the Northeast.

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