rest. reflect. restore.

20150714-085956.jpg We arrived to Hawthorne on Sunday eve. This is a true vacation. One of the most lovely things of owning your own business is you can meld work and play. But that can be also make it tough when you are in need of some down time. So we decided to make this trip purely a vacation. No shows, no vintage buying, no editor meetings. All things I adore, but will have to wait for another visit. Time to rest the mind, the body & the spirit. So important for all of us. I must admit, I am quite excited. We sat in the meadow behind the house last eve with a cocktail and just reflected. Such a necessary thing to do. To give thanks. To just be. To restore.


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  1. janeintherain


    I love the way you write – amazingly honest an simple. Your style is enchanting.

    Thank you,

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