The Market Tulips Have Arrived!

Always a happy first day when the TULIPS banner is displayed at one of my favorite flower vendor stalls at the end of Pine Street in the Pike Place Market. To chat with the hard working folks who grow the tulips, transport them down, set-up the display and then work the day–always inspiring. They brought some of the tulips with the bulbs attached, to show how they pull them bulb and all. The amount of work & love that goes into each flower, quite something. My appreciation grows and grows.




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  1. There will never be too many tulips!

  2. The early feelings of Spring, do you share which Vendor you favor in the market?

  3. I know you love these and I do also. I will be waiting for photos of the pink and yellow ones. Love your blog and appreciate your work!

  4. They are the stall right as you enter on Pine Street right next to the fish stall. So sorry, forgetting their name at the moment.

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