When the World Hands You Carrot Tops

May 29, 2011

Make an arrangement out of them! The market had the most delicious looking carrots last night when we stopped to shop for the Holiday week-end ahead. The greens on the carrots just looked too perfect to throw away. We have a collection of hammered aluminum, and part of the collection are these small drinking glasses that are great as a vase. I added the asparagus standing upright with a bit of water added to keep them fresh till they are grilled for dinner later this evening. Added to the mix are some yellow parrot tulips that are still super tight, but will unfold as the days pass. I love trying to use things to spruce up the dining table that would otherwise be discarded or overlooked.

Some dear friends gave Mister Sive for his just passed birthday, the book Triumvirate. The story of McKim, Mead & White. The cover says it is about art, architecture, scandal, and class in America’s Gilded Age. I think I will be reading it first–I can hardly wait.

A very happy, restful Sunday to all.