The Perfect Coffee Table Book

August 12, 2011

Part of the fun in staying in a home of folks who are major readers, is the book shelves are full of interesting books to peruse. This week, one book in particular jumped out at me, and I have been looking thru it a bit each day. The New York Times ‘Practical Guide To Practically Everything’ is the perfect book to have set about, so you can refer back to it. Health & fitness, travel, finances, food & drink, science, and arts & entertainment are some of the areas of interest. Plus, the cover is my favorite shade of vibrant yellow. Good looking and good for you–a winning combination in my book.

It is our last full day of vacation today, as I head into the city tomorrow to start buying up a storm at the show. 2 of our nieces arrived yesterday afternoon to spend some time with us as we wind down our holiday. They are both talented cooks, which they learned from their mother who is one of the best cooks I know. The girls are making us dinner tonight, so it will be a perfect ending to an amazing week. Tomorrow I will post photos of the house, which has been so welcoming to us over the years. I think you will enjoy it.