Tons of Tomatoes

August 14, 2011

It amazes me how quickly the vacation buzz goes away. We departed Southold yesterday around 10, and within a few hours I was back in my work duds strolling the aisles of the Javitz Center, scouting out new goods for Watson Kennedy. Oh well, onward and upward. I will hold on to those memories of ‘just doing nothing’ and the beauty of the beach.

Driving back, we passed so many amazing farm stands, it was a lovely reminder of all the fab tomatoes we ate this past week. Here is one of the quick & easy ways I like to prepare tomatoes when they are plentiful and at their best.

Roasting cherry tomatoes at a high temp really brings out the flavors. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Put a good amount of olive oil in a dish that can go into the oven. Layer cherry tomatoes on top of the olive oil. Salt liberally. Add a few garlic gloves with the skin removed. Add a few leaves of basil. Cook in the oven till the tomatoes have popped open. The timing on this varies, depending on how big a dish you are using and how many tomatoes you are roasting.

20110814-054524.jpg Once the tomatoes are finished, I remove the garlic and the basil leaves which have become completely limp. Both have flavored the oil and the tomatoes, so they have done their job, and are to be commended.

My favorite thing to do with this mixture is mix it in with pasta, and then top the whole thing with a bunch of fresh basil leaves and a healthy amount of fresh parm grated on top. A simple, simple meal. The roasted tomatoes are also divine spooned over a chicken breast, or enjoyed with a white fish to jazz it up a bit. Enjoy!

It is a full day of buying ahead, and then off to dinner tonight at Prune with my old friend Jewel. I will fill you in on all the details of the day and eve tomorrow. A restful Sunday to all.