Smoked Salmon Spread

October 3, 2011

I wrote in an earlier post that we make this often. Smoked salmon spread is actually something Ted Sive started making ages ago, but I like it so much, I started making the spread too. It really is the simplest thing to make, and is always the first thing to go when we offer it at a party or when we have friends for cocktails.

20111003-080515.jpg The simple version really only has but a few ingredients. Seriously, this is the simplest darn thing to whip up. Add a container of cream cheese (today I used whipped, but a brick of cream cheese works equally fine) to a mixer, then break apart pieces of good smoked salmon and add to the cream cheese. Grind a good amount of fresh cracked pepper and just a small pinch of salt. Then add a few tablespoons of milk. Mix away. Done.

Things to add if you want to jazz it up a bit. A little chopped dill, red onion, capers. I am a purist, and like the simple version, as I like this spread on a toasted bagel in the morning for breakfast. If you don’t have a Cuisinart or something similar, just put all the contents into a bowl and with a sharp knife and fork, cut up & blend all the contents together till it is a spreadable consistency.

20111003-081559.jpg Serve with crackers or a baguette.

I am off to enjoy this last batch on a bagel with my morning iced coffee, and The New York Times. Happy Monday all!