Acacia Honey

November 30, 2011

20111130-072535.jpg I have had this lingering cold bug for weeks, and have consumed more Mariage Freres tea in the last month than I have in my lifetime. All that tea has been flavored with a favorite new find, Acacia honey. I did a little research on it. Here is what I found.

Acacia is made from nectar collected from Acacia tree blossoms. The honey we carry in the shop is from Italy, which is quite clear in color and has a mild, floral taste. Because it is so mild, it does not really over-power the flavor of the tea, but enhances the sweet quality. It is also a natural germ killer, so it is a wise addition during cold season. It also works perfectly on toast and is yummy with mild cheeses. Cheers to Acacia honey!