Glassybaby Love

March 5, 2012

20120305-073113.jpg Oh my gosh, where to begin. Finding the right words to describe these magical vessels is not tough. I just want to do them justice, as my love of these runs deep, as I know it does for many of you.

20120305-073632.jpg A bit of the background for those of you who are not familiar with the glassybaby story. The Seattle based company, was founded by a lovely woman by the name of Lee Rhodes. She was battling cancer at the time she produced her first vessel, which would become known as a glassybaby. Lee began giving them as gifts, and a company was born.

20120305-074211.jpg When I used the word magical earlier, it was really the first word that popped into my head when I think of a glassybaby. They have a quality to them–a good energy. They feel good in your hand when you are holding one, and they look incredibly beautiful & serene.

20120305-074615.jpg Then you add a candle to it, and they just sing.

20120305-074739.jpg I have been given them as gifts, and I have given them as gifts. Our collection consists mainly of varying shades of green, which light up the open shelving in the kitchen. They work perfectly mixed in with the vintage green pottery and green glassware.

20120305-075055.jpg The company is very philanthropic, staying true to Lee’s mission, donating a portion of sales of specific glassybaby to various causes, many of which are health related. It is a Seattle gem.

A happy start of the week to all of you!