A Dandy Dualit

March 9, 2012

20120309-080527.jpg There are so many fun aspects to writing this daily blog. It has been a creative outlet that I look forward to each morning when I wake. Thinking about what to post, taking the photos, trying to mix things up with a variety of posts–all immensely enjoyable to me. The response has been so incredibly lovely. I am so happy that people are enjoying it. It has created an open line of communication for questions and comments, as many readers e-mail me directly with a thought or question. I love opening my e-mails and getting things from folks around the globe.

The other day I wrote about the fabulous company, Glassybaby. In that post, I had a few shots of our varying green collection of glassybaby in our kitchen. In one of the photos, was just a glimpse of our new jaunty green Dualit toaster. I have received e-mails and had customers make comments mentioning it, I thought it deserved a shout out.

Can you really fall in love with a toaster? Apparently yes, because I think I might have just a little bit. I am so happy to now be making our morning toast or bagel–the clickity click of the timer humming in the background. These are amazing machines. First created in England in 1952, Dualit produces work-horse machines that are well-engineered with a very distinct aesthetic. Leafing through design magazines over the years and spotting a Dualit spiffing up a kitchen, I was just waiting for our previous toaster to falter. The lively green Dualit now brightening up our little corner of the world. www.dualit.com