5 Peony Stems

April 9, 2012

20120409-041159.jpg Friday is the day I refresh the flowers at the First Avenue shop. Having fresh blooms & blossoms set about really adds life to any space. I get flowers from a variety of places–stalls at the Pike Place Market, the grocery store, and many times from the wonderful floral designer, Michael at Buckets. This past Friday after I had purchased the white with a hint of green parrot tulips that I am so fond of, he place a bundle of white peonies next to the tulips, and said they were a happy Easter present and a thank you for being a good customer. What a sweet, sweet gesture. The bunch of 5 stems would be the kick-off to a fairly short, but oh so sweet peony season.

20120409-042526.jpg Each peony stem is such a work of art, I most times just want to highlight that brilliance with it placed in a single stem vase. I find this really allows the bloom to shine.

20120409-042714.jpg It is also a great way to get the most visual impact from a small number of flowers.

20120409-042838.jpg I like to use a clear glass container. Mainly vintage bottles, or a bottle that has an interesting shape. I cut the stem fairly short and tight to the container, so it is not tempted to fall over easily.

20120409-043055.jpg That small act of graciousness and kindness of a gift of peonies was very well received. The 5 stems placed around the shop livened up each display they graced. The singular bloom being enjoyed by each Watson Kennedy customer. It was the perfect beginning to peony season.