Thyme Roasted Potatoes

April 22, 2012

20120422-070630.jpg We love a roasted potato in our household. If those potatoes can be infused with fresh herbs, all the better. If with those herbs a liberal amount of amazing extra virgin olive oil and French sea salt are added–now we are talking. Mister Sive found these gorgeous potatoes last week at the Market, along with some fragrant thyme. He whipped these up, and in no time, the house was filled with the intoxicating scent of thyme.

Here is how we like to roast our potatoes. It could not be simpler, but the result is incredibly satisfying. Turn oven to 350 degrees, and let it heat up while you prepare the potatoes. Give the potatoes a quick rinse in the sink to make sure any dirt is off. Dry well. Layer the potatoes in a baking pan, sprinkling with EVOO, sea salt, and thyme leaves that are just pulled from the stem. TPS uses very little to no salt, and when I make it, I use a generous amount. Your call. That is what I love about most cooking–that there is no set in stone way it has to be done. Give the whole mix a mix around so everything is well coated. Pop in the oven, and cook for an hour to an hour and a half. Check periodically, moving things around so the potatoes get cooked evenly. You really want the potatoes to get nice and soft, which really brings out the sweetness. We generally cook them for an hour and a half, but it all depends on the size of the spuds, so they might be done sooner. Test along the way. Enjoy!

I am playing around with a new camera app on my iPhone, called Camera+. This was my first attempt at it. Look for more in future posts. A relaxing Sunday to all.