A Flat Full of Happiness

May 9, 2012

20120509-082126.jpg TPS surprised me the other day and brought back a flat of my very favorite varieties of scented geraniums. He was out running errands and picking up groceries, so he made a quick stop at the uber fab, dig floral & garden. Dig is owned by our friends Sylvia and Ross. It is a magical nursery, filled with all the best plants and related things. They do an amazing job with the display and lay-out of everything–not a compliment I give often. It makes for a lovely afternoon trip in from the city. For more, check out www.dignursery.com

Scented geraniums were first introduced to me by my friend Catherine many years back. Thank you Catherine! We now always have a few pots of them going throughout the year, as I love using the clipping in single stem vases. This batch was quickly potted by Mister Sive, and we placed them in simple terra cotta pots around the platform of the outdoor shower. A Spring ritual that we will enjoy through late Autumn.