The Buying Continues…

August 20, 2012

20120820-072805.jpg I really am buying things other than goods that are earthy in color, but it must be what I am drawn to when I click away. I just love the rustic, re-purposed and organic quality to these lamps.

20120820-073237.jpg It was another non-stop, full day of walking the show, and I could not be happier with all I found. Each item having a spot in my head for which display it will live in, or spur an entirely new idea for a completely re-worked or new display.

20120820-073800.jpg These are the most clever, sweetest damn things. Mugs, with various dogs painted on them, and the face is formed to create a handle. I see these not only for drinking, but for holding pens & pencils on a desk or even to use as a small vase. So fun!

20120820-074214.jpg Good food and drink is absolutely vital after a full day of buying. Well, you all know I think it is vital every day, but at a show the importance is bumped up a notch. We had dinner last night with my closest friend from college, Devin. We walked just a block from the apartment to Co. It is the beyond tasty pizza place created by Jim Lahey, of Sullivan Street Bakery fame. It was a perfect and tasty way to end the day. I am up and out early for another full day. Happy Monday all!