The Tiniest Dahlias

20120826-085319.jpg The variety of dahlias for sale right now at the Pike Place Market flowers stalls is mind blowing. It is just a riot of color as you walk past bucket after bucket. I spotted these tiny, tiny little dahlias yesterday, and was completely taken by the size and color variation. I actually don’t think I have ever seen any this small. They worked beautifully in a simple clear glass vase to brighten up a spot at the shop for the day. The delightful flower vendor told me the name of the flower, but it now escapes me. Anyone refresh my memory? I would love to know. Happy Sunday. T


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  1. Beautiful! any recommendations for places to visit in Seattle? we will be there early November-Thanks Ted!

  2. Ted, they look like they could be dwarf Harlequin mixed dahlia. I’d just call them delightful!

  3. Oh my gosh, so many. Try staying at the Inn at the Market, dinner at Matt’s in the Market, breakfast at Cafe Campagne and lunch at le pichet. A spin thru the Seattle Art Museum, a ferry ride to Bainbridge or Vashon Island, what them make glassybaby in Madrona. The list goes on and on… Please stop in and introduce yourself, Ted

  4. Hi Julie! Delightful they will be:) xxoo, Ted

  5. You are so welcome!

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