Chalone Vineyard Chardonnay

October 10, 2012

20121010-083157.jpg Wine Wednesday continues with a taste test. For quite some time, when we host a party, we serve Chalone Vineyard Monterey County Chardonnay as the white wine option. It is a white that we both like, and our guests always seem to enjoy it. When I was shopping the other day, I took note of another Chardonnay they make, which is estate grown, and twice the price. I grabbed a bottle of each for a little taste test on Monday evening before our dinner. TPS chose the estate grown right off the bat, but since I was pouring and knew which was which, it was not as clear of a choice. I really liked them both quite a bit. While the more expensive option was fantastic, the other I thought was close to equally enjoyable. I could see having the estate grown option for a lovely meal for 2, and the Monterey County for a dinner with a large table of guests, where many bottles are enjoyed by the group.