Edible Selby

April 18, 2013

20130418-065633.jpg I am a big fan of the work of photographer Todd Selby. Best known as, The Selby. He captures creative folk in their environs quite like no other. He is able to capture the personality of the inhabitant as much as capture the vibe of a space. That is quite a talent. Plus, everything I have heard or read about him is that he is just one heck of a nice guy. We have been selling his new book at Watson Kennedy, ‘Edible Selby’ which focuses on the kitchens, gardens, homes and restaurants of 40 creative culinary figures. Each is accompanied by watercolor illustrations along with the unmistakable Selby handwritten questionnaire. There is also a signature recipe from each person he highlights. I love this book–visual, interesting, entertaining.
The Selby