Saint Cosme Little James’ Basket Press

June 5, 2013

20130605-072206.jpg This ‘Wine Wednesday’ pick happened when I was in a hurry at the grocery store, but was in need of choosing wine for a quick dinner. I was not finding my regular choices, so I was drawn to this cool label. Who says a label can’t sway your choice? Boy oh boy, we were quite happy once we started drinking it. What is in the bottle surpasses how cool the label is. I knew of Saint Cosme, but really only for making much more expensive wine. This is a blend of grenache from new and old vines. It is their offering for a table wine. This is always a great tip I learned about long ago. You generally are in good hands choosing a ‘house wine’ from a vintner who is know for making world class wines. This is certainly the case here. For $10 to $14 a bottle, it is easy drinking red for a week-night meal or to serve at a large gathering. We had it with a roasted chicken the other night and it was divine. Working right into a glass by the fire after the meal as we read and chatted into the evening.