Lovely, Lovely Lilies

June 8, 2013

20130608-071253.jpg There is just something regal about white lilies. The firmness of the stems, the spectacular shape of the bloom. Lilies can get pushed to the back of the line this time of year when tulips and peony take center stage. But the singular beauty of the lily can’t be held back. Not only is the flower so lovely, but the scent is heavenly. I love opening the door to the shops or home and being whisked away by the unmistakable aroma. They also can be quite a deal in the dollar department, as lilies just last and last. Each bloom opening as the lower blossoms fade. Clip the withering blooms away, as well as give the stem a fresh cut, and your container fresh water–lilies can last more than a week to 2 if properly cared for. Meaning there is some serious bang for your floral buck. They of course look amazing grouped together, but the beauty of the flower really shines through when put in a single stem container.