Strawberries with Grand Marnier

June 9, 2013

20130609-060949.jpg The strawberries were just looking so fresh & beautiful yesterday on my Saturday morning stroll through the Market I could not help but buy up a few baskets. Strawberries can make just the easiest dessert. This has been a long-time easy favorite in our house when strawberries are looking fab. Cut strawberry tops off. Cut said strawberry in half filling up a bowl. Once the bowl is full or you have used as many as you would like, add a few pinches of sugar. This helps draw out the natural juices. Then add a few splashes of an orange liqueur. Our 2 favorites are Grand Marnier or Triple Sec. Any orange liqueur will do. Toss all together so everything is coated. Let sit for at least an hour. I usually do this at the start of making dinner so it has time to sit and marry the flavors and be ready for dessert time. A bowl of this strawberry goodness is great just as is, but a few store bought cookies such as shortbread work nicely too. This really is just the easiest, tastiest quick dessert. When strawberries are not in season and are not super ripe, but we still have a hankering for a little Summer flavor, I will do this same thing, but make it in the morning so it sits and marinates throughout the day in the orange liqueur, and is ready in the evening.

Happy Sunday!