A Table of Shells and Things

June 27, 2013

20130627-073606.jpg Something about Summer gets me thinking of shells. We have an ongoing shell section at Watson Kennedy year round, but the sunny season gets my mind racing with all things involving the beach.

20130627-073815.jpg Yesterday was swap-out day for the dining table. Something fresh as we head into the busy season. Shells were on my mind, so that became the theme. The Lucite lidded box with a cool assortment of sweet shells would become the plate. Ahhhh, retail fantasy display. Love it.

20130627-074114.jpg From there I just started pulling and layering shell-y/beach-y goods.

20130627-074358.jpg We have this incredibly beautiful shell encrusted vase that would take center stage with white lilies. Along with a smattering of clear glass votive holders and other shell goodies.

20130627-074602.jpg The grande starfish working swell to fill in holes here and there.

20130627-074655.jpg So the table became all about the beach and all the good things it has to offer at this glorious time of year.