The Gift of Garden Roses

July 6, 2013

20130706-063627.jpg This post is as much about scrumptious garden roses as it is about giving. With the bounty of Summer flowers and vegetables many of us have growing in our yards and gardens, this is a perfect time to make these gifts. Our niece Caitlin is visiting from New York this week. After a long day of touring the city and a lovely dinner in the courtyard at Marche’, TPS took her to his brother’s home in West Seattle. Walter and his wife Cheryl have a stunning yard with bountiful flowers growing in it this time of year. They presented Ted with these roses as he departed, knowing how much we would love them. My thought with all of this is that at this time of year things like the roses make just the most special gifts. If you have a profusion of mint growing, present it as a bouquet to your host/hostess the next dinner you are invited to. If your tomatoes are producing more than you can eat, put them in a cool little basket and take them as a sweet edible gift at the next brunch you attend. I find gestures like these so sweet and endearing. Something you grew or something you made is always such a very special gift. As the roses brighten up our kitchen, with the rose-y scent filling the air, each time I walk past them I am reminded of such a gift.