Bieler Père et Fils Rosé

July 10, 2013

20130710-064513.jpg Rosé just sings of Summer. I like to think of it as Summer in a bottle, even when we are drinking it and it is not even that season. My love affair with rosé began close to 20 years ago. I was representing the Roger & Gallet company in my showroom, and the lovely French gentleman who imported the product into the States took me to a business dinner and I had my first rosé. I was hooked. He said his mother who lived in Marseilles drank it year round. I knew immediately I would like this woman. Since then, I have always been on the hunt for good rosé. The Wine Wednesday choice is truly one of the best values for rosé I have ever come across. Bieler Père et Fils rosé drinks like a bottle many times the price. At $10-12 a bottle, it is always our choice when serving rosé for a large dinner or crowd. I love it equally when it is just us sharing a bottle for dinner too.

A blend of 55% syrah, 25% grenache, 15% cabernet sauvignon & 5% cinsault. The fruit was grown on south facing chalky and limestone vineyards. The grapes were harvested by machines at night and within 2 hours very gently pressed to maximize the fresh, delicate aromas and light color. riod to broaden the mid pallet. In addition to the usual raspberry, cherry, and wild strawberry red fruit aromas, there’s a citrusy grapefruit and slightly floral note with the important underlying savory structure of lavender, grass and herbs de Provence. You know how I feel about overly worded, dramatic wine descriptions, but the above, mainly taken from the winemaker website kind of hits the mark. So at this early hour I took the liberty of using their quite solid description of the wine. Bottom line, this is seriously good rosé.