Dining Amongst the Red Dahlias

August 9, 2013

20130809-060115.jpg The red dahlias continue to inspire this season. They jumped out at me again last Saturday among all the other dahlia beauties. They would be perfect for the outside dining table for a Sunday supper with guests.

20130809-060442.jpg Simple clear drinking glasses scattered down the middle of the table with a single dahlia cut quite short would be the ticket. I always like taking on the challenge of making a bunch of flowers go a long way visually. In this case it was 12 stems.

20130809-060708.jpg The rosé worked nicely color wise on the table with the red dahlias.

20130809-060901.jpg The John Derian melamine plates we adore and have used a zillion times would add more hits of red, as well as the napkins and silverware.

20130809-061132.jpg It was such a sunny day, the dahlias took on an orange tone once the sun came around the trees and hit the table–sort of like the dahlias lit up. All ready for a festive meal in the early evening sunshine.