Heirloom Tomato Caprese

August 11, 2013

20130811-073311.jpg I love when this.

20130811-073414.jpg Becomes this. If it is a Sunday in August, then most likely a Caprese is being made for a Sunday supper with guests at the beach. This time of year is just tomato heaven. Even when I have a Caprese in January at a restaurant, it always makes me think of Summer and August. It is just the easiest salad to assemble, with the beauty of the ingredients always making the platter a show stopper.

20130811-073842.jpg The heirloom tomatoes were looking particularly fab, but really any ripe tomatoes will do. Half or quarter them depending on the size. Artfully assemble on a platter and sprinkle with a good amount of salt to bring out the natural juices of the tomato. Slice mozzarella and add to the platter. Drizzle your favorite extra virgin olive oil over all.

20130811-074218.jpg Tuck in basil leaves in spots. I like putting a big bundle in a spot for a big hit of vibrant, yummy smelling green. Tear more basil leaves and add here and there. Done. For this platter since we were serving as a first course on the deck when guests arrived, I added sliced baguette to the platter. This is by no means needed, but it makes it a tad more filling. The tomato/mozzarella/basil mixture can be added to the bread making for easy eating while chatting. However you slice and dice it, a Caprese platter is just a thing of Summery bounty & beauty.