Triennes Rosé

August 14, 2013

20130814-075444.jpg The Wine Wednesday pick is Triennes rosé. Perfect for these warm/hot sunny Summer days. Thinking lounging in Provence. That is what this Triennes rosé brings to mind. Ever the slightest shade of pink, this rosé is easy drinking made of 70% Cinsault, 25% Grenache had %5 Merlot. It hits the right at 15 bucks a bottle mark that I love when buying multiple bottles of rosé for a large dinner or party. Lovely solo and pairs beautifully with food. We recently served it with a hearty herb crusted halibut and it was divine, standing up to the variety of herbs. Don’t even get me started on the fab font. A very cool looking bottle filled with really yummy rosé–a tough combo to beat.