Hudson, New York

September 5, 2013

20130905-061444.jpg Hudson, New York is an incredibly cool place. If you have not been, but it on your list. Warren Street is really not like any other place I can think of. The profusion of antique & vintage shops is sort of mind altering. You could easily spend a day walking up and down the street gaining inspiration. As well as finding world class antiques and vintage finds. Plus, there are just fab spots left and right to stop in to eat, grab a coffee, or sit and enjoy a cocktail.


20130905-062034.jpg We have been going to Hudson for 20+ years and it is so fun to see how it has changed and grown. It is a short drive from Hawthorne, so we are a bit over the moon about that.

20130905-062300.jpg When we were back a few weeks ago, we started hunting & gathering for things for the house. Warren Street was our first stop. We picked up this sporty vintage zinc basket to hold kindling on the back porch.

20130905-062514.jpg Many of the shops are owned by artisans, so old pieces get a new life with their spin on it. The gentleman we bought these 2 little side tables from had completely cleaned up, painted and put new/old tops on the tables–so they are vintage but with an updated feel. They are incredibly utilitarian and will be perfect on the back porch as they are so easy to move around from spot to spot where needed.

20130905-062948.jpg Hudson is about 2 hours from the city. The train ride up alongside the Hudson River is just magical. If you want to add a bit of country to your city visit and have not rented a car, this would make such a fun day trip.

20130905-063232.jpg I could take pictures of tomatoes every day. The color and variation just extraordinary. If you are in Hudson on a Saturday, the farmers’ market is just glorious. The Hudson River Valley farms and produce are just world class. We will be back next month. I will keep you posted with what other fun finds we snatch up on Warren Street. Happy Thursday!