Surrounded by Green

January 28, 2014

20140128-085059.jpg Actually, that should be surrounded by green and lots and lots of white. The white of the house looks so warm set amongst all the snow outside. We are ensconced at Hawthorne and enjoying the Winter that is all around. There was another magical dusting of snow yesterday to welcome us. Currently 5 degrees and clear as a bell, the valley just stunning out the windows. We have a variety of guests arriving this stay, so we are working on unpacking things that have arrived since we were last here. The Stray Dog Designs green ficus trees adding a huge pop of color and presence to the front sun porch. A pair of them flank the French doors. There goes that flanking word again. Such a great word. Along with a pair of vintage ginger jars that were made into lamps that I snatched up on One Kings Lane. It is the dance of wanting the home to have the ‘collected over time’ vibe we hold so dear, and the practicality of needing furniture. More posts in the coming week of some of the other treasures that arrived.

From snow filled Ghent,