My Favorite Things Today

February 12, 2014

The first day back from a trip, the first thing I do when I walk in the door is start looking around for all the new stuff that came in while we were away. Part Easter egg hunt, part Christmas. Always so enjoyable to see the new things set amongst our current offerings. Here is what caught my eye.

20140212-043327.jpg We carried these ages ago when we first opened and then could not get them any longer. Happy to say, we now can. I love the jaunty red tin, and the mint candies are like none other.


20140212-043532.jpg Our salt section continues to grow.

20140212-043627.jpg Loving the simple handsome pattern on these flasks.


20140212-043810.jpg Our olive oil section continues to grow too.

20140212-043928.jpg So much of the new that came in was food from orders I had written at The Fancy Food Show. You might remember this taffy from a post I wrote about the show. Love seeing it in the Watson Kennedy mix.

20140212-044136.jpg Soooooo many new candy bars, I am finding it hard to choose which one to snack on. But don’t worry, I will.

20140212-044303.jpg So many cool new Eye Bobs designs. This is already from a New York show order.


20140212-044502.jpg French matches and French jam–both packaged so beautifully.

Happy Wednesday all, in your part of the world. Hope you are getting a little Olympics watching in. So good!