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A Little Emerson this Monday

20140331-105556.jpg Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little she achieves her work.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson



Vintage Frames with Mirrors as Window

20140330-095609.jpg I love how mirrors throw light around in a room. I like even more how many mirrors move around light in a space. Such is the case in the master bedroom at Hawthorne. The house is surrounded by trees, and we really wanted to be able to see them at all spots in the room from the windows on 2 sides. Vintage picture frames picked up at flea markets & thrift shops that we had filled with mirrors would be the ticket. The wall of frames becoming almost a window of sorts–the light bouncing here and there. We can add more frames that we find on our travels, so the wall will be a work in progress. Kind of like life, right?



A Nosh, A Nibble

20140329-092452.jpg We really like to entertain and see friends during the week in town. Most week-ends we are out on the island, plus we like the relaxed vibe of having guests over during the week. We keep it really easy. Last week we had guests and had Cafe Presse chicken & frites & salad for dinner. It is a few blocks from our home so it is so convenient to go and pick it up on the way home from work and have it rest in a warm oven. A little entertaining tip for week-day entertaining–all for a later post. We really like to have a good variety of things set out for a nosh with cocktails when guests first arrive. Often I just set it out on the bar, and move it into the living room once everyone has arrived and we are sitting before dinner and chatting. Having things on trays make for easy transport. I can’t really fully express how much I love hotel silver as it is food safe and just elevates how pretty really normal food can look. It is our newest collection. Back to the food. Always a nut or two. This was really good cashews and spicy almonds. A fab piece of cheese almost always. A few bites of cheese really is filling. Crackers or baguette for the cheese. This was the great English toast crackers we just started selling that are laced with fruit. We also like putting out a sweet to add to the cheese. Huge fans of the Boat Street pickled French plums. Could really eat it straight out of the jar. Is sublime with cheese. Love the simplicity of olives. Lastly, this amazing hummus we found awhile ago that is made with white beans. They also do an edamame hummus which is pretty over the top too. The hummus is nice with simple white crackers. There you have it. A visual week-night variety of things to enjoy with a cocktail with friends before dinner. Hardly any work at all, nothing overly fancy. The point really is to enjoy the time with our friends and not be stuck in the kitchen cooking. Things that mostly can be bought ahead and have stored in the pantry, at the ready for a week night meal with friends.



Time with Family at Hawthorne

20140328-075801.jpg We arrived last night to Hawthorne for a long week-end of spending time with family. The house just enveloping us like a big bear hug when we arrived. Of course I mean that metaphorically, but it is completely how it felt. This trip will be so good for the soul on many levels. It will be so lovely to reminisce about Ted’s father and share stories. Just to be cocooned in the warm embrace of family will be restorative.

We started hanging the artwork from the shipment we sent from Seattle in January that did not arrive in time on our last stay. I feel so strongly that art just gives a home much life. It is so interesting to see the pieces hung here in a different environment. Soothing really, kind of like old friends. It is cool to have a little bit of Seattle here in New York. I will try and take photos and do a post around the artwork in their new home in the coming week.

Sending much, much love from Ghent,



All About Color

Spring is most definitely in the air. Seems like each box we have unpacked these last few weeks is just brimming with things filled with color. Happy, happy, color. Pops of color even if you don’t live with much color everyday is just fun. An orange napkin just makes a table setting sing. A bed made up with a bright yellow throw just makes it festive. A big apple green pillow plumped up on a sofa just looks visually inviting. Here is a quick look at a few of the vibrant hues that have arrived just in time for the arrival of Spring.







OOLA Chili Pepper Vodka

20140326-072600.jpg Instead of Wine Wednesday, I thought I would put a little spin on it and make it Cocktail Wednesday for today. Has a nice ring to it, right? OOLA is a local Seattle distillery who has garnered acclaim nationally for stellar small batch gin, vodka, and bourbon whiskey. We were given a bottle of their chili pepper vodka as a gift during the Holidays, and I really wanted to see how much extra kick it would add to my Sunday Bloody Mary. Answer. Quite a bit. I have been playing around with the ratio, I know, tough job. What I have come up with is equal parts of the OOLA pepper vodka with equal parts regular vodka, and it is just perfect. Using the full amount as a shot was a bit strong for my taste, but half is spot on. It adds a deep spicy-ness to the cocktail and a little extra kick. I posted my Bloody Mary recipe ages ago, and it has been so fun having folks chat with me about how they make theirs. There are a ton of variations, which I love. If you are a Bloody fan, give this OOLA a try.




Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt Soap

20140325-065051.jpg I had to run into the shop yesterday for a quick errand and I was so happy to see that the new sea salt soap from Jacobsen Salt Co. on the Oregon coast had arrived. When they sent me images of the bars a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance to carry them. This is an unscented bar that has their salt mixed in, creating a naturally exfoliating soap. We are big fans of sea salt soap at Watson Kennedy. This one has found a much appreciated home. Plus the graphic & perfectly yellow box make this one sweet little gift all wrapped and ready to give.



Leonardo da Vinci Quote to Begin Our Week

20140324-074735.jpg Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci



Elle Decor LOVE

20140323-095738.jpg The April issue of Elle Decor arrived the other day and it is just packed with design inspiration. There is also a feature included that is one of the better I have seen in quite awhile–taking my breath away for a second. It is a converted train station in the Hudson Valley (our new neck of the woods) belonging to the uber talented Federico de Vera. I first met Federico in his first shop almost 20 years ago in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. The moment I walked into the space I knew I was in for a treat. He has gone on to great success with his shops, opening one in New York City years back that to this day is one of the coolest spaces I have ever been in. So it came as no surprise when I first laid eyes on this feature, I was equally blown away. He is a master at mixing periods and styles, creating a uniquely personal space. Creating the de Vera style he has become so well-known for. Such a treat. I think you will like seeing it. As I said, the whole issue is pretty swell.

Happy Sunday all.



Natural Colors

20140322-063745.jpg It was a full day of display yesterday. I find it interesting how certain color stories take shape when we are fully immersed in moving things around. Natural earth tone shades were the prevailing theme. I love wicker trays and baskets, and we use them often to hold a host of things. The above trays now holding stacks of French napkins.


20140322-064250.jpg A new order of horn combs and shoehorns arrived. I could just get lost looking at these and all the natural color variation. Horn is just the coolest natural material. The below rope lamp next to the glasses holding vintage knives from England next to the divine composed artwork by Denise Fiedler. A Watson Kennedy vignette after a creative day of display.