Lunch At The Shop

April 5, 2014

20140405-070155.jpg Copies of the new book Lunch At The Shop by Peter Miller arrived yesterday. What a fun concept to concentrate just on lunch as the basis for a cookbook. Peter is a local Seattle gent who had a bookstore less than a block from the Market shop, until he recently moved a few blocks further to Second Avenue. He has been a Watson Kennedy customer almost since I first opened. He is a character. And Peter if you read this, I mean that as a huge compliment. The world needs more characters. He always make me smile and laugh when I see him with a story or just his way of being. I had no idea he had a background in cooking until I found out he was working on his book at the same time I was working on mine, when I was told of it almost a year ago by a Market vendor we are both fond of who sells some of the most amazing produce. I knew right then I would want to carry it at the Home store. Filled with recipes from lunches prepared at his shop, these really are meant for all, not just shopkeepers. Photographed by the Canal House duo, who have such a very cool and distinctive culinary photography style. A special take on a cookery book to add to the collection.

Happy Saturday all!