More Kale Love

April 10, 2014

20140410-042727.jpg Our grocery store in town has been selling these huge boxes of amazing kale for close to nothing. It is a bit of a task to eat it all it is so plentiful. That is when roasting a big pan of kale for kale chips is called into action. Really the simplest damn thing to do, and the result really brings out the sweetness of the kale. I like to serve these on top of mashed potatoes or alongside a piece of fish. Eating it right out of the bowl for a snack works too. Have oven heated to 400 degrees. Pile up a roasting pan with as much kale as it will hold. Liberally sprinkle extra virgin olive oil and sea salt over all. Where would I be without EVOO and sea salt? Put pan into the oven. Check every 5 minutes, moving all around with a spoon each time. You will be amazed at how much it all cooks down. 20 minutes generally, but stay with it as they can get overdone incredibly quickly. Less if you want it more green and steamed, a tad more if you want them crispier. Taste along the way to check for desired doneness. When done to your liking, take out and get kale off the pan asap to stop the cooking. So simple. Incredibly tasty.