Utilitarian Glass Containers

April 28, 2014

20140428-063519.jpg There are certain ‘things’ that I think are always handy to have around in a pinch. Glass containers would be one of them, and pretty close to the top of the list, I might add. They can come in colors, but I find clear glass containers are most useful because they work with and for holding just about anything. Having a few glass containers at the ready allows for a vessel when a friend brings a big bunch of flowers for you at your next dinner party, or they come in quite handy when you want to display an assortment of odds & ends you have been collecting. Is the case with the above image. We pick up shells we like on beach walks out on the island. This simple clear glass cylinder container is filled with them and sits on top of the fridge adding a ‘shell-y’ tableau to that part of the room. That one glass container has been used over the years for a myriad of things. Versatile, utilitarian, and stylish to boot–glass containers are always great to have around at the ready.