Buvette: the pleasure of good food

June 19, 2014

20140619-063922.jpg By now you have probably clued into the fact that if I really like something, I REALLY like/love something quite a bit. Which also goes hand in hand with sharing that love with you. I have written much about how much I like/love/admire Buvette in New York. The eatery where I have had near out of body experiences not only from the food but also the environment. It is one of my happy places in the city that I frequent on nearly every visit. So you can imagine my glee when I found out awhile back that the chef and owner, Jody Williams, was working on a book. Buvette: the pleasure of good food, arrived yesterday at Watson Kennedy and I did a little jump for joy. Now I get to feel that Buvette ‘feel’ in our own home cooking up some of their signature dishes. Rarely do I sit with a glass of wine and just read a cookbook, but that is what I did last evening. Beautifully shot, the images transport you right to the very place, as well as make you incredibly hungry. As Jody writes, “Assembling this book has been an opportunity to reflect on the inspirations I’ve had in so many different kitchens around the world with so many people. Turning this all into food that can easily be made and served at home was a refreshingly easy translation as all of my cooking is simple, handmade, and straightforward. Buvette is more than a place; it’s also a feeling and an idea. It’s a way to cook, entertain, and live. It’s a recipe for living more meaningfully.”