My Blue Period

July 11, 2014

20140711-053753.jpg Funny, I guess I rarely post or talk about the color blue, as I have received a bunch of correspondence these last few days about me showing it as of late. We actually live with quite a bit of blue at WestWard, but it is not a color I think about writing about often. I think of it almost as a neutral color, as it works well with so many other colors. Blue, please forgive me, I really love you. I promise to write/talk about you more. To that point, we were guests last week at a lovely outdoor dinner of dearest friends, and the varying shade of blues hydrangea on the dining table were exceptional. When we left, Peg, our hostess, went and cut a bunch from their front yard for us to take home. They found their way into single stem vases and a clear Juliska vessel on the dining table in town to be thoroughly enjoy. Hope you enjoy too.