Hydrangea Leaf Bouquet

August 21, 2014

20140821-080538.jpg We are unclear if all the hydrangea blooms from the bushes on the side of the house were eaten by deer or if they did not just bloom at all this year. The bush in front of the house is a riot of flowers. So we think it might be the latter. Either way, the leaves were just looking verdant & gorgeous I really could not leave them be. They had to be used in some form or fashion in the house. I have used the leaves before as filler in arrangements, but never just solo. Yesterday was the day. The stems are just so healthy, I started snipping away. I choose a fairly wide mouthed vessel and just started to layer the stems. A hydrangea leaf bouquet it would be. Just a simple burst of greens. When the world hands you copious amounts of hydrangea leaves, give this a go.