Le Pont Bandol Rosé

September 3, 2014

20140903-071359.jpg Summer does not officially end for a few weeks, and as I wrote awhile back, I am determined to enjoy each and every last moment of it. So often rosé is thought of as a Summer drink. While we do occasionally enjoy it at other times of year, the sunny months are when we enjoy it with frequency. But come a super rainy day in February, I will crack open a bottle and be harkened back to the deck at WestWard or a little street cafe in Provence. Which leads me to the ‘Wine Wednesday’ choice. The Bandol region of Provence is know for their stellar rosé. Very often that means the prices of the bottles can be steep. Always worth it, but not always what you are wanting when searching for a bottle of wine. This Le Pont Bandol is one heck of a value and one heck of a rosé. Actually, it is the other way around. It is a stellar wine at a very good value. Finding a Bandol rosé under 20 bucks can be a trying task. It is accomplished with this wine. Friends gave us a bottle last year and it has become a favorite since. Not the easiest to find, but if you do, grab it. Summer in a bottle, any time of year.